Nuestra historia

Hola, ¡somos Dohop!

¿Está buscando una manera segura de encontrar los vuelos más baratos que hay disponibles? Eso también lo hacía nuestro fundador, Frosti Sigurjonsson, en 2004. Estaba trabajando en Francia y no le resultaba nada fácil encontrar vuelos de conexión adecuados para poder reducir los gastos de desplazamiento a su hogar en Islandia. Dohop se fundó para resolver este problema y la primera versión de nuestro motor de búsqueda de vuelos se lanzó en 2005.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to solve Frosti’s problem (and yours) with the goal of creating the most powerful flight search engine in the world. A lofty goal? Sure. But that’s why we were so happy to win "The World's Leading Flight Comparison Website" at the World Travel Awards in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

At heart, Dohop is simply an easy-to-use flight search engine. We search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places and then we try to search for the best prices for those routes. We also find rental cars and hotel rooms. All our results of course take the price into account and we always display the cheapest results we find.

We're not a big company but we are growing and we have a terrific team. When we’re not at our desks we play the occasional game of foosball, and on Fridays we try to squeeze in a beer or two after work.

Anywhere. Simple.

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